what a great day to stay indoors.

what a great day to stay indoors.

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I’ve realized it myself lately as well—how things are 50% sexier when Rin does them. […] Somehow, when Rin does it…it’s like…umm, I feel like I’m about to say something I probably shouldn’t here…
Utsumi Hiroko, losing control of her Rin boner in Spoon (via targetlost)

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*selectively breed sheep so they grow so much wool they're in danger of death from heat stroke*
See? They NEED to be sheared!

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jennifernomdeplume asked: So, I've read your post about men as feminists and I was wondering: what's your opinion on the HeForShe campaign and Emma Watson's speech at the UN about bringing men to the movement for gender equality?


I haven’t seen the Emma Watson speech, but there’s two point of views in this case from what I can tell.

On one side, yes, men do have a responsibility to bring gender equality forward. They need to stand up to other men and support women and nonbinary people in their movements. They need to educate themselves in gender rights and equality and listen to others who are talking about feminism and gender. They need to shut down misogyny when they see it amongst the men around them and they need to support gender equality without talking over the very people they are fighting for.

However, the HeForShe campaign is, not only cissexist, but appearing to simply be another platform for men to talk over women and nonbinary people when it comes to gender equality. One of the aims, apparently, is to ‘put men at the center of activism and dialogue to end persistent inequalities faced by women and girls around the world’ which is not progressive at all. Men always have the dialogue and they do not need to be the center for gender activism. Men do not need to spew out what women and nonbinary people have been saying for ages, and then get a pat on the back for saying it.

Also, I question a lot of the men who are claiming to be part of the HeForShe campaign. Jared Leto has used the hashtag and he took a transmisogynist role (a cis man playing a trans woman is transmisogynistic) and has rape allegations against him. Prince Harry has used the hashtag and he has dressed up as a Nazi in the past. Too many times has a man claimed to be a ‘feminist’, but his actions say otherwise. Giving men another platform to boost their ego and show how great they are while never actually doing anything is not something we need.

- SH

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Haru’s body language - S1E12 vs S2E12

On feelings, making decisions, and swimming with Rin

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